GhostTube app - what is it & full overview

hey everyone so here is ghosttube app and um yeah the idea of it unfortunately it can't score and record but while but I will show you the main features so the idea of it is that you kind of uh use the magnetic field detection feature which is already in your iPhone and then when there is a high magnetic field this app will just basically show uh like something like this so it's just recording what's happening and there is like a visualizer of magnetic activity and then you have this magnet icon and then for example if you move your phone closer to other phone you will see that this magnetic field is is just growing and that is just kind of listening and by some magnetic activity you can generate all the different phrases as you can see like 250 words loaded and then you can just go there and this app kind of generates some like freaky words based on this activity and yeah like why did you come here like what are you doing here like you know all this stuff and yeah so you can actually freak out if you are using this app it's yeah but and then you can also attach like different filters for tick tock or for YouTube uh which yeah which can be used and then you can just tap on this record button and then just record this video and then you can share it on tick tock records YouTube like a short or yeah something like that so that's basically the idea and then you have the settings you can enable disable camera but again it's not showing up because I'm screen recording and then you need to upgrade to show your screen record but yeah the coolest part is that you can just browse uh use it around your house record this like videos and then just share them on Tick Tock and it's actually going viral right now on Tick Tock so here you can change with the resolution if you want some these updates and premium features you will need to upgrade to 99 per month it's not expensive or 11.99 per year so you can add your own words unlimited recording time exclusive video skins unlimited numbers videos multiple languages under work history records in high resolution and also you can just screen record and share that on on tick tock so here you can also enable dictionaries so that's your own dictionary of different phrases and turn on off magnetometer yeah it's kind of like a interesting app to try out uh so yeah kind of cool app um so yeah there is another app goes to SLS uh there's another even more Paranormal Investigator tools uh and then there is goes to walks white mouse generator ivp recorder a hard Reverb yeah so this is the app apps made by like real investigation community uh and then yeah here in the history you just see all the awards which kind of appear based on this magnetic activity so yeah kind of interesting app give it a try and share it to your Snapchat or tick tock

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