Giggle app overview - can’t create an account

hello so here is google app overview um [Music] so the idea of this app is you can talk freely just females so you can just join this conversation and this is kind of like female only chat this is a social media with private messaging and all of that so let's just go through the app and try to install it uh let's just do an overview but as you can see the writings are quite low why is that i think recently because this app was under under the backlash so yeah if you just google recently it was in the news this app because of this story uh seems this app has some history of discrimination and yeah this app is under fire these days but anyways let's just go through the app let's just try to create an account or explore the app to see uh to see how the app so yeah here is the app for my social media and networking platform so then you just need to enter your mobile number so for the sake of this demo i'll just use some other app which i can see here text now just to enter my us phone number so just something like that then you just need to get a verification number sent here uh you will be asked to take a selfie uh only if your miles are welcome photos of pictures will not be verified you must be over 16 years old so this screen i think is getting a lot of uh um yeah a lot of uh things which are not actually working and therefore this webs this app is under under fire right now so here if you just i'll try to take a photo and then you can see that some of the profiles like some yeah so as you can see i'm obviously like i'm male so i shouldn't be verified so only if you're a few mile you should be verified but there is some issue when with trans people this is also not verifiable um and then you just can't create an account so that's why this app created a backlash here i'm just like describing the issue here um and then as you can see it is stuck so you can't create an account in giggle uh so i try to do it again and let's see as you can see our user disabled so yep that's basically what happens um so that's the issue with the app that's the whole backlash was happening here just for you to better understand thank you for watching

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