Giggster app overview - book a PRIVATE JET or VILLA for cheap :)

hey everyone so here is this amazing app it's called geekster g-i-g-g-s-t-e-r so with 2gs because there is another app geek service 1g that's that's completely different story so this app is kind of like airbnb for like amazing luxury spaces like imagine like you know million dollar villa in la or like your own private jet or something like that and you can book that for like 30 minutes or like 20 minutes for like really small amounts but the thing is it's mostly for filming um like and this is marketplace that connects creatives looking for locations to interested pro property owners ready to earn extra income his current book thousands of unique venues at all price point styles and types um so basically uh you if you are a creator influencer like you want to create some really outstanding tic tac video or like youtube overview you can just book this kind of luxury villa for like 30 minutes or like one hour and just do your um uh gig there so basically here you can see event uh choose activity type production event or meeting so it's not possible like you know to book some luxury villa and stay there and have a party so it's only like if you want to look for production so for example abandoned vintage apartment uh then you can book like desert space or you can book like you know uh a charge uh you can book this kind of amazing activities and film stuff there skyline view suite like fifty dollars per hour um iconic sunset villa you know uh like which you can book it here location like that and then 175 dollars per hour and then you can just book it there and would be really nice yeah like to book that and have your party there but it's not allowed to have party it's only allowed to book that and have it as an uh you know some production place so then yeah 175 per hour you can see now some number of reviews amazing wonderful spot and then you can just view other reviews amazing some people right we have shot here a couple of times and it's always an absolute pleasure this property is amazingly pristine and more stunning than the pictures can even capture um so there you have it so yeah that's the idea uh of the app and then you can just you know uh build like plane so i want to show you out so you can also like book a private jet desert runway you can build this kind of houses uh now yeah so if you just do a more diligent search you can just search so something like this but okay this is just a studio so if you want like to have some few photos in the you know like private jet kind of situation so you can do that and then just show off on uh on instagram thousand square roof top place olympic parliament dream villa like modern newport beach home you can book it for like yeah so this is like the amount six dollars six hundred dollars per hour and just enjoy it um so yeah that's the cool app for for these kind of reasons you can see all the locations of their different spots you can try to source that area like source this area and that's yeah so super interesting idea interesting app so definitely check it out this current book unique locations for production and events so there you have it and then you just have your account and that's it so if you didn't know about this app but it seems it's mostly right now it's in your ass i don't know if you can book something in europe okay maybe in london you can also do that but so this is more like you know [Music] so you can also book a supermarket or yeah so it's available also in europe so definitely if you're a creator influencer producer video producer my this can be for sure interesting enough for you and also if you for any team for any company if you want like you know have super creative team meeting somewhere uh in the you know and super like cool uh nice environment uh you can just have uh discard this app so thank you for watching

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