GLAMBU LUXURY DATING - full app overview

hey everyone today we're gonna go through this trending app which is called clambu luxury dating um the motto is like uh super interesting it says goodbye cheap guys what that means so goodbye cheap guys meet successful gentlemen no swiping profile by profile male users many of them big business owners and celebrities have privacy at glambo men must apply for a date then you see all these profiles uh at gamble beautiful women like yourself get to meet supportive gentlemen all profiles are verified by a selfie or credit card buyer man after you agree to indict you can continue chatting on whatsapp telegram or instagram you guarantee hundred percent privacy for a man so uh how does glambo work for women register a profile as in two minutes get your first date application within 24 hours choose your like command and continue channel whatsapp telegram and instagram [Music] um so glambo is 100 free for women my man must get a membership before contacting anyone so that's that's about it so when you create an account you can just sign up with apple facebook or google but then you have a question what's your gender and if you select man then that's a different process and you will need to upgrade at some point to use the app fully if you're a woman you can just continue use for free so let's just go through the app so just sign up here is how it looks like you have all these filters in the top right like who you want to meet age range distance range search worldwide you can set current location you can see body height body type appearance languages how good is english ethnicity smoker looking for and then just save that you have all these profiles so then you can just tap invite so for example if you want to invite someone to the to the date from demand side you will need to pay twenty seven dollars monthly or 145 dollars yearly contact other users of your commute with the paid membership blog competition for man only users with the pace of triggers can invite other users maximum privacy for man now time advisor get her whatsapp directly after she accepted your invitation so something like that that's the overview then you have newest then you have nervy uh all the different filters but again nothing works unless you upgrade so that's the thing of this app for for demand just like on the tinder the majority of the manners are subscribers here it's only men who need to pay in these apps then you have invitations you didn't invite anybody yet i don't know about the invitation limit even if you pay a monthly like how many invitations can you send maybe there is also a limit like on tinder then uh more infos this is about yourself so this is how then you describe yourself here uh okay athletic very attractive uh so i don't know uh so something like that you can just add it here and then i don't know if women can also swipe here don't know that here you need also to add at least three photos in the profile there are profile settings you can change your nickname or verify your profile change location connect to instagram you can also contact support by contacting support you can just write at hi at and then if you are not happy you can just log out or delete my profile right in the app delete my profile at the bottom that's super helpful actually because if you are concerned about your data you can just delete your profile right away no need like you know to contact support and wait or reply for a few weeks about your data and all of that so that's super cool that i included it here yeah as well in the search in the edge range you can include the range here you can have distance range here all of that so hope that is helpful [Music] so that's the app if i go back to the app store glambo you can see it has just 640 rating but 4.8 average rating uh maybe there's also some scams and some red flags on this app so be double careful because when then just the app says it's like super successful man or guys or something like that it's the size of the scam can be so don't don't trust that much and on my side to get verified what i needed to do is just take the photo with a specific gesture so that's my verification i didn't need to verify like credit debit card or anything like that um no so that's just super easy to get verified for anyone basically but nevertheless this is nice idea as you can see this app is growing in the top charts in social networking category 189th place so far but this client been far so so for sure interesting app if you're tired of tinder or bumble or badou some other of these apps this always might be a good idea just to try some something else some other apps maybe there is some different angles some different category of people there some different niche which can be more successful for you like you know there are app dating apps for cat lovers dog lovers like you know for christian people all of that and some people can really find our partner on that kind of apps not just you know with uh with a regular tinder where there are like so many people um so give it a try uh leave your reviews for comments below and thank you for watching so thank you for watching everyone uh hope you enjoyed this video once again if you if you enjoy my videos i also have some other overviews of tinder of badou of bumble and a lot of other dating apps out there and if you like that you can definitely just subscribe to my youtube channel just push on these notifications um you can also check out my website mr where i also put some like text descriptions or about dating apps or any other uh popular interesting apps like how to create a tinder account how to delete your tinder account um all of that i also run a podcast on spotify so you can definitely go check that out and on my on my website mr hack dot io slash deals you can just go there and you find some interesting deals about app and software where you can get some promotions some like overviews some interesting apps also in crypto all of that so hope that was helpful and see you in the next videos

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