GLAMBU LUXURY DATING - how to create an account?

okay so here is the app which is called glumpu luxury dating tab get to install to install the app and then use touch id to install it or face id and the logo like the motor of this app is just goodbye cheap guys at glambo beautiful women like yourself get to meet supportive gentlemen who like gifting flowers and showing good manners say goodbye to the penny pinchers and lazy guys who disappear when you are in need a neural gentleman takes care of his girl all profiles are verified after you use your guide you can continue chatting on whatsapp you guarantee hundred percent privacy for men so interesting idea goodbye cheap guys means successful gentlemen knows five pin profile by profile mild users many of them big business owners and celebrities have profiles men must apply for a date so yeah something like that so let's just open it up and see how you can create an account you can allow notifications and as usual there are three options sign in with apple sign in with google sign-in news facebook so just sign in with apple and then you can just start creating an account and then you need to accept your term and then you select your gender select when you were born and then tap next please upload three pictures of yourself you can edit or delete them any time i can give access to the photos so reasons i can just choose that you can just choose the photo again so you need to apply the two three photos okay good then i go to final step your profile text now tell us something about yourself yourself okay there you have it so now uh your account is created that's basically how the process looks like and there are a bunch of profiles here are currently located in ukraine so even here you have all of that so yep that's that's basically how it works how you create your account

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