Glimpse - be present. App preview

If you're tired of social media platforms that just aren't doing it for you anymore, you might just find a breath of fresh air with the Glimpse app. This social video chat platform offers face-to-face engagement with communities online, so it feels like you're actually present with people. The app even has a personalized tagging system to help you match with the right people, whether they're old best friends or new colleagues.

Glimpse is founded on the idea of customizable one-on-one conversations. Users can create rooms or match for spontaneous calls with coworkers or friends. You might start by answering icebreaker questions or just playing games together before time runs out. Regardless of how you choose to use Glimpse, it's sure to lift your spirits.

Though the app only has 60 ratings and isn't a household name just yet, it has potential for success. App Store recommends it, and you can easily create your account with a sign-in through Apple. Plus, Glimpse partners with Zoom, making it even easier to join any event. You can create your own room, enter an event key, and engage with others in chats, as well as manage your settings, public profile, and socials.

Overall, Glimpse is an app that deserves more attention. The concept of using social video chats to connect with others is timely and relevant, especially given the pandemic and our growing reliance on virtual connections. Though the app may seem basic compared to some of the bigger names out there, it's user-friendly and offers plenty of opportunities to have fun and connect with others. If you're looking for a new social media platform or just want to try something different, Glimpse is worth checking out.

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