so here's gas app I will show you what happened when I upgraded to God mode what you should expect to see and should you upgrade because it is seven dollars per week 6.99 so it's pretty expensive should you do it or not so if you tap it on your inbox in the bottom you will see the black button called see who likes you so that's how you upgrade to the god mode I don't see it because I already upgraded um so that's that some people won't see it because it's it's still not available for everyone it's still in bad I guess it's rolling out to all users soon but it's not yet available to everyone also you can just go to the some flames you received and then you can tap see who sent it okay so you can see this uh and then yeah what will happen after you upgrade it is just like activated god mode yes and then you can uh you can see that your god mode is now activated um so what will happen so when you tap then on that God mode and then you upgrade and then you will see these hints so for example in this case you can see the first letter of that person is a boy or girl and that that's called the hint and you will have unlimited hints um yeah you can reveal as many as you want first letters in different walls in different flames if you want to see the full name and completely reveal the person you can do it only two times per week so you only have like two reveals per week so that's what you can do with the god mode basically that's the main benefit also other feature you have uh yeah why the sack because it doesn't allow like screen recording so um so basically if you have a god mode and you enable Anonymous mode other people won't be able to reveal you so that's another interesting feature so for example if I had a god mode and now I entered some question about someone and if that someone also has a god mode and he wants to reveal me he won't be able to do so they will just see this uh ghost icon in the top right uh uh yeah and that it will say like this ball cannot be revealed so basically how to enable that feature just go to your profile on top right tap at edit profile tap on manage account and then you can enable this Anonymous mode so when you answering the pulse in Anonymous mode it lasts for like 60 minutes but then people won't be able to to see you in even with a god mode but to see this feature you need to have got mod enabled so something like that um so that's what you have here uh also there are other features of the god mode uh so you can just see so here you can read more in their FAQ section so you can style unlimited hints you can have two bonus reveals is the full name of sound voltage for you twice per week double coins earn double coins when voting on pulse Crush Alerts get notified when someone asks themselves to your polls an anonymous mode Santa Paul's 100 anonymously so that's what you get but it's 7.99 per week not per month so it's almost like 30 dollars per month it's pretty expensive uh but yeah uh there you have it if you want to cancel god mode you need to go to settings uh to your iCloud subscriptions and then find the gas app subscription from there and cancel it there if you delete your account in Gaza app or just delete the app you won't cancel god mode so as with any other app so here you have this subscription and then you can just cancel it here uh so here that's basically it uh hope that is helpful

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