Goodnight: Voice Chat & Stream - how to create an account?

hey everyone so here is new trending app called goodnight voice chat and stream so the size of this app is like 84 megabytes so you can just install it on iphone and then you can just do instant calls here find cool people near you real dating jet physio matches find like-minded friends call active users so you can just have all of that so if you want to experience deep late night talks instead of swiping left and right every night before you sleep lonely at night but can't decide who to call so here you can just find this app and just discover that so that's just an interesting experience you might have so let's just explore in more detail like how this app might work let's just open it up you can allow tracking and then you can just log in with apple id here and hear this voice chat and meet new people then you just need to type your name so what your name is like mile date of birth then you just need to edit it so something like that you cannot change a gender once you have been registered so there you have it you can enable your microphone you can call your friends and active users or you can just show that and then just you can start chatting so that's about it that's the app hope that is helpful so here you can just start chat or you can start random chat and that's basically how it works

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