Goodnight: Voice Chat & Stream - how to create an account?

hello work welcome to my youtube channel mr hakio uh here i explore and try to discard some interesting apps which are usually trending in the top charts in the us app store so this one of those apps which recently source in popularity and social media category and it's called good night voice chat and stream good night it's an instant random voice chat app where you can join eight million users all around the world uh voice great feelings and a feeling is great law all your connections are just one click away dating similar to make meaningful connections with real people so here it is so then you can just open the app and let's just see how it looks like i didn't use it for a lot uh honestly but there you have it that's just an app you can see all the people who are located anywhere you can see call requests uh number of use followers so then you can just tap call let's see what happens so that's how i'm making a call request probably i need to have some coins or something i can also live here um then here's my account that's my membership actually if i yeah so then someone is swiping at me i can see that i have zero waves i i have one free wife when i create an account um [Music] i see cans yeah i i see friends profiles i can just limit here my filtering in distance i can see the language also if i'm not happy actually i can delete account here in the bottom here is the block list comment block list it's pretty fun actually to yeah that there is an ability to delete your account drive right in the bottom in the app i don't need to contact support anything there are also like a faq section where you can report issue then if you want to upgrade to vip you can do it here just tap upgrade select a plan to choose goodnight disk to enjoy all premium features and then you will be able to to contact more people to arrive at more people to have all these random chats and in the bottom you can just start having a random chat unable to yeah so usually if you're not upgraded you will see something like this your number 850 sound please wait for about 27 minutes and then to avoid that you can just tap get a boost spend hundred cans to get boosts or subscribe to goodnight boost and enjoy unlimited boosts so then you can purchase cans i thought this were called coins but here you can see they're just cans and then you can see chat you can see all the chat history who message you who message friends you can see other users you can start searching for a new match you can see active users here and meanwhile i'm still in the app this app is still searching for this match so then i can just leave that i can also match record i can try to call some people so there you have it so something like that that's basically the app it's growing in popularity uh a lot of these apps like that they have a lot of spam and if i wasn't asked to verify myself i just signed up this apple account so that's super fast but if a lot of users can do that that can be a lot of fun bots and spam and inappropriate content in this kind of apps but yeah and then it just depends like if the monitoring if the developer is really good they are able to reduce that and the app becomes higher quality otherwise it just stays like it is so yeah hope it is helpful this quick or it was helpful for you and thank you for watching

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