Goodnight: Voice Chat & Stream - how to create an account?

hey everyone so here is this app which is called good night voice chat and stream so in this app uh here it is you can just have like all these voice chats these people nearby voice chats and conversations so here it is then you can go to your profile if you'd like to and then here in the privacy section you can just tap in the button delete account uh facebook account will be locked for a while if you have connected facebook with this account you cannot use your facebook to register a new account in the next 30 days are sure you want to do it on account well i registered with apple id so i'm not sure if it will also be relied to the apple id but here's how you can delete your account also in this menu have safe mode you can block comments and yeah that's basically

HOW TO DELETE your BEREAL ACCOUNT? it is tricky!
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