Google analytics app STOPPED TRACKING DATA - why is that?

Google Analytics app STOPPED TRACKING DATA - why is that?

If you've noticed that the Google Analytics app has suddenly stopped tracking your data, you're not alone. Many users have reported a drop in tracking starting from around July 1st, while others have experienced the issue since July 5th. While the exact timing may vary, the problem remains the same – Google Analytics is no longer tracking data, except for real-time users and a few basic metrics.

So, why is this happening? The answer lies in the introduction of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). In order to resume tracking data, users are now required to install GA4. For those who have an existing Google Analytics account, the process can be as simple as setting up GA4 alongside the old universal analytic property.

By setting up GA4, users will regain the ability to track user sessions, views, events, and more. The app will also provide real-time user data, ensuring that businesses can continue to monitor their web traffic effectively. However, it's important to note that GA4 has a different interface compared to its predecessor. Some users have found it overly complicated, particularly beginners who struggle to navigate through the new features.

Despite the challenges, it is recommended to set up your Google Analytics 4 property to ensure uninterrupted tracking of data. In certain cases, Google automatically sets up GA4 for websites, which can be a convenient feature for website owners.

In summary, the sudden halt in data tracking by the Google Analytics app can be resolved by installing Google Analytics 4. While there may be some initial difficulties in adjusting to the new interface, setting up GA4 will enable users to track comprehensive metrics once again.

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