Google BARD - how to share to Google Docs?

Google BARD - How to Share to Google Docs?

Google BARD is an AI language model that is quite useful for generating various types of content for those who want to save time and effort in writing. Its latest feature allows you to share your generated content to Google Docs without any hassle. But how exactly can you do this?

First, you need to write your desired prompt on the Google BARD website. For instance, you can create a prompt for a cold email to sell e-book. Once you have done this, the AI model will instantly generate several drafts for you to choose from. It's worth noting that Google BARD generates results faster than some of its peers including Open IHLGPT.

When you have generated your email, you can then share it via Gmail using the share icon. However, it's important to mention that there are a few bugs that users may encounter when sharing via Gmail.

But don't worry, there's an easy workaround for this issue. You can simply export the generated email or content to Google Docs. Since you've already logged in to Google BARD with your Google account, it's easier to create a Google Doc and attach it to your Google Drive. This option is quite helpful, especially if you encounter any issues with sharing via Gmail.

Furthermore, it would be great if Google BARD could integrate as an add-on for Google Docs. This would enable Google Docs users to have quicker access to the AI language model for generating different types of content.

In conclusion, Google BARD is an AI tool that can help you save time and effort while creating content. Its latest feature of sharing generated content to Google Docs is quite helpful and easy to use. Just write your prompt, generate your content, and export it to Google Docs. It's that simple!

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