Google BARD with ChatGPT - FULL FEATURE COMPARISON - which is faster or better results?

Google BARD with ChatGPT - FULL FEATURE COMPARISON - which is faster or better results?

If you're searching for a reliable chatbot to assist you with your daily tasks, you may want to consider Google BARD and ChatGPT from OpenAI. Although these two chatbots are similar in function, there are some key differences that you may want to consider before making a choice.

To help you decide which chatbot is best suited for your needs, here is a detailed comparison of their features.

Getting Started

To use ChatGPT, you can create an account by logging in with your Google, Microsoft, or email account. BARD, on the other hand, requires you to create an account using only your Gmail account.

Generating Responses

When generating responses, BARD is significantly faster than ChatGPT in the free version. BARD instantly generates three draft responses, while ChatGPT may take a bit longer to generate a response, typing letter by letter and line by line. However, ChatGPT generates better quality results with longer responses and better rhyme.

Exporting, Sharing, and Editing

BARD stands out in this category as it allows users to export generated content to Google Docs and draft emails, adding a touch of convenience. Both ChatGPT and BARD offer the option to copy and share responses.

Appearance and Customization

Both apps provide dark mode, clear chat history, manage data controls, and clear all chats. ChatGPT allows users to change the app's appearance by adding or deleting prompts, while BARD offers the option to change the duration of prompt history and auto-deletes your activity 18 months after creation.

Additional Features

BARD provides related search topics, allowing users to explore further content. ChatGPT offers a FAQ section, summarizing the app's features, advantages, and disadvantages.


While ChatGPT is available globally on all platforms, BARD is currently only available in several countries due to legal reasons. Furthermore, BARD does not offer an upgraded version, whereas ChatGPT offers a Plus version with additional benefits.

Final Thoughts

Although both apps are similar in function, each has its unique qualities and features. Whether you need a quick response or a longer, rhyming one, both ChatGPT and BARD can deliver exceptional results. One notable difference to keep in mind is that BARD is faster, while ChatGPT excels in quality.

As both technologies advance, these chatbots will undoubtedly continue to innovate, making them even more capable and efficient for our daily needs.

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