Google cards to store Bitcoin and crypto

is also here is interesting news so google cards to store bitcoin and crypto this is in the recent report so the google uh reportedly formed partnerships with coinbase and bitby to enable the new functionality uh google's digital cars might soon enable users to hold bitcoin and spend fiat currencies um and yeah so that's basically like google is steep join into bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and companies payments division struggles to gain significant mark and share in the payment industry so that's interesting interesting development [Music] still like google pay isn't accepting bitcoin for transactions uh google's cryptocurrency integrations allow its customers to hold bitcoin into digital cards while spending fiat currency an arrangement that doesn't precisely use the purity pure asset as a medium of exchange um so that's that's interesting uh so google hired former paypal executive arnold goldberg to run its payment division according to ready google wants to become a connective tissue for the entire consumer finance industry we are not a bank we have no intention of being a bank some past efforts at times would unwrittenly made into those spices so that's interesting development

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