Google Family Link app - how to get started?

hello everyone so here is the app called google family link let's explore how it works and the family link app lets you set digital ground rules to help guide your kids as they learn play and explore online for children under 13 or the applicable age of consent in your country family link also lets you create a google account for a child that's like your account is access to most google services so you have user activity manage their apps view their curiosity set limits look that their device so basically it this app has 147k ratings 4.6 out of 5 like average review so let's just try to install it so the size of this app is 158 megabytes so yeah you can just install it use your face id or touch id here is the app so you can create a profile for your kids and then how it looks like you can see which apps your kids are downloading so and then you you will see app download requests and then you see if this app sounds good to you you can approve it if you don't want for people your kids to download some malicious apps you just deny it you can see the bedtime the schedule you can set up the daily limit you can see the uh the activity of the apps which they used like you yeah and all the devices and all of that so like super helpful app to control like digital well-being of your kids like if if you don't want your keys to spend like uh 10 hours per day on tick tock you can just limit that i think using this google family link app and yeah it's available in 55 languages is 4.6 out of 5 like 100 140k ratings so it's like pretty impressive so here you can see some just average review that the app works really well for managing time on apps slash tablet controlling accessible content and relative ease it even includes a locator for a device you can load create children's profiles and really have a total oversight for each child really easily from any device deemed as an interpreter of 31. um so yeah so let's just go here open the app and let's see the basic details how it might work help set up digital ground rules for children and kids set screen time limits down night allow black apps so then i just need to create an account yeah just sign in uh yeah with my uh normal google account ready to be a family manager uh so as a family manager you can manage a family group create google account for children supervisor children's family link add another parent to help supervise you then i'm ready you can allow notification then does your child have has a google account yes or no so yes then get your child device together you and your child will set up supervision it may take around 10 minutes so open google play and get the google family link for children teens app when prompted enters this family link access code to connect your devices so yeah something like that so that's how you get started i think you just followed the that i'm doing this on iphone so for example if my kids device on is on on android i think i still can do it so setups from vision from your child's android device so yeah i can just do it i can click google parental controls actuality actually i can just do all of that um and yeah i think it should work across iphone cross android so it doesn't matter if your kids are on android and your own iphone it should work well between these devices so something like that yeah so this is basically how just to get started and hope hopefully it is helpful i will create another video with the whole process of the app how it looks like and how to use it

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