Google Search Console shows HUGE DROP in CLICKS

There is currently a strange bug affecting Google Search Console, as reported on Twitter. Users have been noticing a significant drop in search clicks and impressions within the tool's data.

Many are expressing concern about this sudden change, as it appears to show a substantial decline in traffic, even though the actual number of visitors may remain consistent. This discrepancy has led to confusion and alarm among users who rely on Google Search Console for key metrics.

Interestingly, contrasting results are being observed when comparing the data from Google Search Console to other analytics platforms such as Google Analytics or other similar services. Users are finding that the data provided by these alternative tools does not align with the information displayed in Google Search Console.

It seems that there is indeed a peculiar issue at play here, causing discrepancies in the data being presented within Google Search Console. With many users puzzled by the sudden drop in clicks and impressions, there is a general air of uncertainty surrounding the platform's accuracy.

It is unclear at this point what exactly is causing this discrepancy, but users are hopeful that the issue will be resolved soon. The last update on the situation was provided approximately 75 hours ago, indicating that Google is aware of the problem and likely working on a solution.

Given the current circumstances, users are advised to closely monitor their data within Google Search Console and be cautious when interpreting the results until the bug is addressed.

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