Google SERPs now display SHORT VIDEOS on mobile

so if you're into SEO you can see there are some interesting new updates from Google so here's just an example if you try to to Google Gigi Hadid on on Google in any browser but on mobile phone but you can see that like serp search engine result page uh that this page is also including now short videos and these short videos are from Instagram from YouTube from tick tock and then you can explore more and then you can see that there are a lot of shorts from YouTube from tick tock uh so yep that's basically a new feature that uh there is separate space for just videos there are separate space for stories and then so you can see videos that come in lower in the serp but then you also have a bit big chunk of short videos short particle videos tick tocks so that's a new update for a cell professionals just to know and for obviously like millions of users so like Google is trying to prioritize short video content and give links to this short video content so yeah that's basically how it works uh hope this is helpful to try to if you are looking for an examples how how it might look like this is an example search query where you can discover that it's not rolling out through the all queries I guess it will take a while until it's rolled out of all the search scenarios and all but that's basically the trend

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