Got Five: a Houseparty app - how to create an account?

so here is an app got five a house party spontaneous calls with friends uh so here you can jump on spontaneous phone calls with friends in this app made for friends to keep in touch better tap when you are free for five to see who's around uh yeah so of course this is not an original house party app this is just some new app i don't know if they can you know just use house party name and stuff like that but yeah that's that's how it works at the moment so yeah that's kind of interesting is it's installing some update in the app um so that's kind of a bit weird so yeah i don't even know if that is safe or not okay let's go and then you need to enter your [Music] phone number so let's just discover that and then let's just see how that might work and then you need to apply the profile picture so from here let's just do that and then you can connect or not connect your contacts that's okay and then you can enable camera and notifications and there you have it so now you enter the app finally so you need friends to hang out with then you need to create a group and then you just need to add friends by adding your contacts it is only possible to invite people from your contacts so that's how it is working and then you can also just delete your account you can add this profile and the whole idea is that you have friends you create a group then you search your contacts invite friends from there and then you can just jump on some audio chats and stuff like that so uh that's basically the idea so jump on spontaneous phone calls his friends and then you will be able to yeah to perform that and yeah that's basically how it's it's working so similar a bit to like clubhouse app or something around it but yeah that's how it works hope that is helpful

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