Gowalla App - quick overview

here's gowala app it's one of the alternatives for zenly app it's kind of a social mapping app and yeah here's how it looks like you just create easily your account and then you can see your current location where you are traveling in and then you basically can see some interesting spots in the city where you are traveling so here for example you can just explore this you can see okay here is some interesting bar or here is some interesting sightseeing and you can also like hear some Castle it's in Copenhagen you can see who added that you can just yeah add that person as a friend you can block it like you can check in at that place you can add it to favorites for example um so yeah that's basically the idea and then you have your friends I see I think you can see your friends locations and then you can see these interesting spots and then just it's a cool way to hang out in the city just to know where to go where your friends handing out you know just like social mapping app similar to zanley or SnapChat map and then yeah you can just search uh other other people by uh username and then you can go to their profile you can invite them and become friends and stuff like that then you can message each other and just hang out with your friends and messenger here then here is like for example my profile I can edit my profile username I can go to settings if I don't like the app I can easily delete an account which is pretty cool I like when app apps allow you to easily delete your account and then yeah just change theme or that's basically the idea here so that's what it is uh yeah that's what you have here I don't have like friends here on this app and there aren't many users at all as this app it's just quite Niche but it's getting some traction as you know zenly app was shut down and other apps are not that good not all people using SnapChat Maps so it's a nice well developed and cool app called goala so definitely give it a try and yeah so that's basically what it is I hope it it was helpful uh follow my subscribe to my YouTube check out my blog and other social media channels in the description

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