GoWild app - how to create an account?

here is interesting social media app called go wild it it is in the in the top 200 300 social media apps in us last few weeks and it's like outdoor social media um so it's like free social community that helps outdoor enthusiasts improve their skills find better gear and earn rewards rewards go wild members unlock rewards as you share your story and purchase gear download today and see why hundreds of thousands of dollars men women women have joined go wild earn rewards find the best year trophies welcome find local experts create content easier to find so yeah that's the app uh it's a very interesting niche uh because you know social media entails that you're just sitting like you know on your sofa scrolling instagram for three hours or something but this app is like pushes you to also go outside like you know have a bit more active lifestyle but also stay connected to the community um so i think that's the interesting angle in this interesting niche so let's try to create an account here you can upload image you can uh also just use some email or your phone number to create an account and then you can just send email then i just need to enter this verification code from email so let's see if that arrived and i just tap save i received hundred points cool i don't want it but there you have it now um now i have also unlocked some gift that's cool and then i can see my direct messages i can see my uh so like outdoors i'm not like a hunter but i like outdoors running and then i can just set up my feed and this is the types of like content which you can see here either related to fishing hunting getting outdoors getting to the gym so this is the account you can connect your watch you can lock time and then there is also shop so yeah interesting interesting app uh and also like all the feed of podcasts friends social media so yeah hope it is helpful

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