GoWild app Hunting Fishing Outdoor - HOW TO USE? FULL APP OVERVIEW

in this video let's go through the go wild uh app it's a social media out for outdoor uh for outdoors for people who like fishing hunting outdoor activities and all of that uh so this is interesting app because yeah usually you would associate social media with just consuming your time when you're sitting somewhere and just browsing instagram endlessly or tick tock but this is the app that also encourages you to go outside a bit and to do a bit more like active activity like more active lifestyle so and then you can reach out to this community and just you know hang out with like-minded people in this area go wild is a free social community that helps outdoor enthusiasts improve their skills uh find better gear and earn rewards go wild members unlock rewards as you share your story and purchase your download today and see why hundreds of thousands outdoors manage women have joined go wild you can earn rewards as you earn points for sharing trophies outdoor trips you get points on your profile find the best year uh save your efficient and hunting memories along with your unique stats find local experts and then great content easier to find followers are not necessary on go wild as a forum go wild makes it easy to find content about the topics you allow so that's the idea so you can just open open the app you can easily create your account with the phone number or email address in top left you will just see your messages and notifications you can see all the community here okay so basically trial mix this is like your instagram feed uh so this you just browsing you you can select different uh topics you're interested in either fishing hunting just outdoor gym fitness all of that and then you can see like different parts from people in this this area so like some people finding all these different things uh so like very focused content but of course you're getting a lot of ads and a lot of product recommendations and at like active lifestyle and all of that so okay it feels different than you know instagram or something other where you either have a lot of memes and yeah so your interesting app then you can just search for content related to biking beard watching conservation fitness g reviews general guides hiking mentorship so for example if i just want to see something about running you can just go here of course you can always just go to instagram and just search for hashtag running or something but this is more focused community and yeah and then you can select near me you can allow to use your location you can disable that the the cons of this app is is that it's not of course that popular like instagram and you it doesn't have like millions and millions of users so probably it's best to use this app when you're in united states if you're outside in europe i don't think it's it's that popular here so you won't be able to find a lot of local communities outside of us and a lot of users then of course you can post you can log time for outdoor activities you can enter a trophy you can create a post you can connect go wild watch uh you can just write something here you can lock time you can add the gear you use you can mention someone um so here you can just select the channel and then your post is updated then there is also a shop where you can buy all the apparel coffee fishing gear some gift ideas hunting ideas all of that apparel so you can find everything here no need to go to amazon and do all filtering there here there are some like special deals which you can discover in the app um so that's that uh then here is your account there are also a lot of rewards here's your account then you can go to settings edit your profile if you are not happy you can delete your account and data here at the bottom connect a smartwatch uh yeah date no you can yeah update payments shipping addresses all of that so that yeah that's an overview i have 120 points already because i just signed up and for that i can uh i can get some stuff here i can use these reward and i think when i signed up i got like a 10 gift card which i can spend on this app so yeah interesting app if you are interest if you're about hunting if you about outdoor activities give it a try try out this app i recently discovered it and it started to climb in the top charts in the us app store so nice app to check out

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