GPT CHAT - FULL OVERVIEW for beginners. How to use?

so here is a quick overview of GPT chat app you can access it by just going in your browser there is no jet GPT app on Android or iOS yeah and then you can just create account with your email using Google account using Microsoft account let's say it's super easy and you just you just kind of sign in so something like that uh uh so that's what you can do and then basically you can just start chatting you can just send different messages if you want to start a new threat after this thread you can just tap new thread and then yeah you can see examples explain Quantum Computing in simple terms got any creative ideas for 10 year old's birthday how do I make HTTP requests in JavaScript remembers they have capabilities here remembers what users said earlier uh uh in the conversation allows users to provide follow-up Corrections so here you have this there are examples there are capabilities and there are limitations because it's still AI uh um so it can occasionally generate incorrect information it can produce harmful instructions or bias content uh limited knowledge of world and events after 2021 so it's uh so something like that um yeah so for example uh you can write all the different stuff and then just what it will reply to you so it's still not the best way again to discover all the information around like current events and and then like you know things are happening recently or stuff like that still like Google Wikipedia is just better for that but if you need some help with some knowledge article some technical knowledge support and all of that as you can see it's pretty uh easy so for example like you can have some coding help or you can have some math help so all the apps like air mass uh and stuff like that's like pretty amazing as you can see it's just it creates it's pretty amazing right so then you you can just do that so something like it and you can just get all the support like some developers say I can actually replace developers in future uh obviously it can also reply like stack Overflow websites and stuff like that for some for some things uh so there you have it so you can see pretty extensive uh replies you can see and then just send some feedback you can enable light mode dark mode you can see some updates and FAQ uh so yeah um something around it there is no like there is no way to delete an account actually I don't know you can just log out um if you want to start a new conversation just type new thread and that's it super easy to use as I understand there is no IIs app there is no Android app [Music] um how much does it cost during during the initial research previous GPT is free to use so it's it will free it's free to use right now but it's just a preview version so I understand that of course it will be paid uh it's fine tune for GPT 3.5 so it's a kind of newer version of Jeep gpt3 um so there are a lot of these AI terms [Music] can you delete your data yes you can follow the data deletion process here uh can you see history of threats now you can see uh [Music] that can you do the specific prompts now we are not able to delete specific prompts from your history so yeah it's not available in the API so it's like you can see quick support section here not that many answers but there you have it so GPT chat was started like as initiative from open AI um like co-founded by Sam Altman from y combinators I understand like originally this was like a non-profit organization uh open AI but then seems like it's turned into like paid Service as you can see it will be paid soon as I understand I don't know what will be the price and anything like it uh but there you have it here you can just explore it again there is no Android app there is no IOS app what you can do is just tap to share and then you can just add add to the home screen tab here and then it will create like an app icon on uh on your home screen it's this app is already being used by teenagers a lot as I understand maybe it's really the future this with a lot of sayings like maybe it will really replace Google in some ways like because yeah you can just easily see like the qualities response is really amazing for some niches for some things like if you will ask about like current World Cup it just doesn't know because it has a limit of data until 2022. so uh that's that's that this quick preview of course you can play around with it and hope this is helpful

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