GPT CHAT - HIDDEN FEATURES & TRICKS - what you should know?

here is chat so this is GPT chat which is going viral so in this video I'm gonna present might be some hidden features or some like a bit more you know Advanced tutorial not that advanced but what you can get out of chat GPT um so yeah here is the app um you can just try to create a chat so first of all you need to sign up you can sign up his Google account on Microsoft account and then you can just log in this is a free tool and then if you tap in top left basically there is a new chat every time you create a new chat this is actually pretty helpful because you don't want to to mess up to mess up all these chats in one place so so here uh you you want to ask some question about like I don't know some topic and then yeah you can just see all of this uh being generated uh by the way you can add it you can edit your answer because for example you entered some prompt and you are not that happy but maybe if you trick some word or a few words uh it can become uh better uh like I don't know and then and then you can just do that and then you will see you will see the history of your prompts like that so that's kind of cool and then you will see and then you can just submit feedback and then you can like this message or dislike the message the more you do it the better you train the model in your conversation and then for example I have this conversation in my sidebar and I can just rename it so it's just easy to organize uh it's easier to organize all these chats and then I have another chat about Ai and another chat about different topic okay it's it's still I think it's a bit baggier so I don't know but yeah the idea is that you can just rename all these charts and keep them organized kind of like a bookmarks then you can easily remove the chats as well so like the point is that you'll use this tool like as a library uh and you just organize and then now you see all of this is being updated uh yeah you can of course enable dark mode light mode this uh yeah you can join their Discord if you want you can easily just clear all the conversations and then just double tap to confirm clear the conversations and start again so yeah that's basically the idea and then you can just start messaging um so that's that but like some users which are becoming more heavy users of chat GPT because it's a free tool why not you can just use it they're using for emails for copy for marketing for whatever and some users are reporting that there is some limit uh so like this user reported that there is kind of like a York City to current quarter please check your plan and building details so there is some kind of quada actually if you're using this a lot uh because it's a free tool but like the co-founder of chai GPT says that this is actually a bug um so yeah if you see this your quarter is succeeded this is the bug just report to a team other than that there is also like a white list for the professional version so if you are using this app a lot just make sure to subscribe to professional version white list and maybe one day you will be notified and you will get like always available and you won't get like this app uh you know it says like that the resources is over capacity and it's like the app is not accessible it happened to me a few times can be super annoying when exactly you need chai GPT to do some work and then it's just not available it's not happening with the professional version and then you will just have faster response times as many messages as you need um and then you just need to answer all of these questions uh yeah make sure to answer them nicely to move fast in the white list when it's available I don't know the price for it or whether when it will be available or anything like that but that's what we just have at the moment uh yeah other than that there is also this bug where not the Bugs it's like a lot of users is they see that chai GPT is at full capacity and you can't use it anymore if you just go and log in I don't know what I can recommend you like for me what works if you try to use this app outside of top hours top work hours in US so yeah for example if I'm in Europe if I try to use GPT like 6 PM in Europe and you have like I don't know nine hours difference with your ass or something like that then like it's very often will be non-accessible but if you try to use it like in the morning Euro for example and it's 19 us and it's like accessible so if you really need to do a lot of work with judge GPT is I try to use it at night or I don't know or during the morning in the U.S then you will have higher chances that is is nor has normal capacity and it's available um so you can try that [Music] um yeah I don't know maybe of course I will improve their server capacity I don't know when it will be there also another thing is just like beware of all these chat GPT apps out there like so many new chat GPT apps uh either on Google Play store or um like Apple iOS store and uh yeah a lot of them are actually not legit it just says like GPT is real all of that but open AI doesn't have a official app yet and all of these apps just be careful with them because they're using your personal data and it can be like you know one person apps it's just like using gpt3 API and using same color and as open Ai and yeah it's like be careful with like security and safeness of course it's much easier to use the GPT in 90 mobile app but at the moment there is no sync like that it's only in the browser so just be careful with all these apps see what you are downloading and what your what info you are providing there because it can be not safe just leaving it here other than that yeah so that interesting app definitely give it a try there are so many new updates uh if you have any other hidden tricks about chat GPT using some prompts or anything just leave it in the comments below

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