Graysky client for BlueSky - how to use?

Here's an interesting app called GraySky, which serves as a client for BlueSky. BlueSky is known as one of the top alternatives to the EECS Twitter app. However, accessing BlueSky still requires invite codes. Despite this limitation, let's take a look at how the app functions.

The BlueSky app provides a user interface similar to Twitter. To log in, you simply enter your username and app password or create a new account. But in order to sign up for BlueSky, you'll need an invite code.

GraySky utilizes API client integration to browse BlueSky, making it a popular choice for users seeking a faster experience. The app resembles the interface of old Twitter, which many users appreciate.

To start using GraySky, open the app and log in with your BlueSky account. Remember, you must create an app password in BlueSky before logging into any BlueSky client. This can be done by going to the settings, navigating to the advanced options, and selecting "create app password."

Once logged in, you can access your feeds, discover new content, and perform searches. You have the option to follow people and interact with their posts. Notifications and your profile information can be accessed from the menu.

It's worth noting that BlueSky allows you to create your own feeds, customizing the algorithm to determine how posts appear in your home feed. For more technical details, you can visit their GitHub.

GraySky offers a basic but faster alternative to accessing BlueSky. By selecting your preferred feeds in BlueSky, you can tailor the app to your interests.

We hope this information is helpful for those curious about GraySky and its functionality within the BlueSky ecosystem.

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