GroupMe app what is it? Quick overview

hair around so here's interesting app which is called GroupMe it's actually developed by Skype but it's pretty popular social networking app actually um and there was a lot of updates in this app and say hello to a fresh new group me that simpler faster and allows you to do even more with the groups and communities we have crash and Polished the app given it a brand new look and take a look at our simpler design um so yeah uh that's the app this app is all about uh groups and communities so it's kind of I would say like alternative to Facebook groups if you want just to have like a separate app for groups let's say uh that the app you can try out and here is instantly my account here so I just for example um have it here uh you can just uh give access and just contact your contacts near your school and then you can just uh send an announcement you can go to and join specific School community um and also you can just allow access uh and then you can just start a group so yeah that's basically uh the idea just like a quick overview so it's like a messenger app but it's organized around groups and communities uh so yeah there you have it

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