here's a quick quick preview of gilded app chat stats FFG app it's like a Discord for gaming so it's like chat and app for gamers for gaming communities is the best app for gaming chat gilded is a perfect for gaming news France Clans guilds communities Esports lfg and teams and it's free get unlimited amounts any server forever powerful servers meant for gaming gilded supports your 500 games including m1as Kenshin impact Call of Duty World on Destiny 2 Roblox GTA five DOTA Minecraft all of that it's pretty cool it's like a chatting app for for gaming and it looks super similar to this course it's like a clone of Discord so while you're creating your account yeah you can create your account with email and password it's not possible to sign in with Google or app or something like that and then just credit your account you can create your own server like your own channel chat or you can just find and join some other people's servers so let's just take a look there are pro servers there are verified servers job supporters so here I can I can just join some gaming and development okay so I still need to uh verify email to join some servers okay let's just do it yeah so just for your information you can't join servers Without Really verifying your email that's good last spam is is good great hopefully now I can join that so now I've joined that then I can just Join This Server and then that's how it looks like yeah you can also invite friends upload profile picture for your account send a message so yeah that's basically how it works and then you can just browse around you can yeah you have different channels uh you can yeah uh you can assign a raw like you just follow all these steps here so that's basically the idea and that then here is your own server and then for some servers you need to verify yourself so yeah that's basically that so there are different uh servers then you can find direct messages then here is your account then there is your profile then you can see all the activity then in the bottom right you can see your settings support feedback there is also some referral program just in case you can invite friends here is my invite code so you can use that just in case so for ur5 invites invites away from getting one stock to every five people you invite you will get an exclusive stocks player to show off to everyone great so that's that you can change your status here you can see your profile change your profile picture at games you like get media you will see your feed so that's basically that hope it is helpful and thank you for yeah and then there are like settings um advanced you can enable developer mode and there is privacy uh and then you can edit account and then from here you can delete your account so just in case you are concerned about your privacy you can do it in the app which is cool

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