Hallow app - how to create an account?

so here is halo app which is about catholic meditation and recently this app is getting more and more reviews and rising in the top charts especially closer to easter holidays so simple excellent very high quality intentional design facilities prayer in a way that works within my 2020 brain and helps bridge the gap to reach tradition on the walls of face so yep this is the app and you can get the app here and it's yeah so there you have it it's available in the in the app store here it is so you can just use like touch id to install it uh number one catholic app in the world um daily rosary in prayer sleep meditations christian music and chants minute meditations community challenging and all of that so this app maybe can be described as a calm app for for catholics uh so it's not only prayers but it also offers a big bunch of meditation and just relaxation and also cosplayers so here's how you can create an account you can do it with apple email google so then i can just continue with apple id because it's like super fast you know so we can do that then you can allow notifications so how do you want to probably choose two or more interests here's what you have here the options you have also there is like a meditation options what are your goals so here you can see all the categories and then you can instantly sign up and upgrade to hello plus so you can have 14 day free trial or like and then 4.99 per month which is not that expensive or 59.99 per year so you can try to do that so here you have it here is the app and then basically yeah that's how you create an account and then you can see all these tabs and the overview and all of that so hope that is helpful

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