Hallow: Catholic Meditation - FULL APP OVERVIEW

so in this video we're gonna go through overview of hello catholic meditation app this is one of the like most popular catholic apps which helps you use prayers with bible stories but also with meditation reducing stress better sleep and all of that so i think this app can be referenced as a calm or headspace afro catalytic and yeah it's actually it's it's in the top charts in the us app store because it's actually pretty well designed and built and easy to use app so if you're a catalytic definitely check it out this app so you can see here there is like music chants prayers minute meditations community challenges um like all these kind of audio stories uh so that's that so you can see in today's world we are stressed anxious distracted and can't sleep at the same time we are searching for deeper meaning purpose in relationships we believe these two challenges can be addressed with the same solution peace in jesus in the end after all a hell yeah so that's the goal you can get daily prayers christian meditations sleep bible stories rosary uh like all the bible stories pray lists minute meditations um yeah and a lot of that is available in the in the free version of the app and you can see like the number of ratings 60 000 ratings it's pretty impressive and also really impressive the average rating 4.9 out of five so here you can just open the app you can create your account with google apple just with email for free then you will be prompted to sign up and start a free trial trial on a paid version so this is basically how it looks like so then uh it reminds of calm or headspace or any other meditation app so then you can see all the different music you can see some of this is locked so then you can just start listening this is how the player looks like and then yeah this is basically like uh yeah you can start listening to it you can change um so and then you can just play this kind of sessions the lord be with you so something like that and then yeah you can add it to your fireworks download share sleep time or playback speed so yes this kind of coming stories oh and then you can also see all the text here and yes all of that and some of these stories are free uh you can you can also change your voices for your content and then you can also add it to your routine so in this app you can create like you know your meditation routine you can have all these episodes and yeah so something around that then uh uh yeah you can just there is meditate tab where you have all all these like different types of meditations different topics uh which you can check out and you know if you see the lock it means that you need to upgrade to hello plus so if you want to you can do that and it's not that expensive actually it's 4.99 monthly or 59.99 yearly yeah and and if you subscribe yearly you can okay so monthly is 8.99 yearly uh 59.99 and then you just pay 4.99 per month uh 14 day free trial [Music] yup and then there is like some all these sleep stories night pla prayers i like bible stories meditations some kids stories and all of that then there is some kind of music uh which you can see here so there are chants instrumental music playlists contemporary then there is me tab where you can see all the recently prayed you can see your journal you can see reflection moods checks you can see your activity like so some analytics so you can have a better idea also like during the months like how like active were your prayers and like how many times you meditated and all of that so yeah then there are of course there are some settings you can switch themes so there are really nice designs here you can enable dark mode because there is also daily routine here some notification settings you can change language uh like then you can also connect uh apple health how hello is able to integrate with the house app on your iphone if you choose to sync mindfulness minutes then it will update your mindfulness data with the apple house app to reflect the minutes that you have spent playing with hello so that can be helpful you can also build these siri shortcuts you know when you talk to your siri and you can control app from that you can export journals then there is account you can update name update email reset password um all the standard stuff also from here is good that i have the button to cancel subscription right from the app and then yeah so from here you can just do that you can cancel the subscription uh so something around that uh uh so of course if you want to cancel a subscription you just need to go to your settings app in the ios device and then cancel subscriptions from there so that's the idea but yeah you can't do it from the app and then you can delete your account from here which is also cool that that includes this option to delete an account from here deleting your account is irreversible and when permanently remove all data such as choose your account deleting your account does not cancel any current subscriptions for more information on how to cancel use the cancel my subscription section setting section and account settings so there you have it but if you're concerned about your data about your journaling or you don't want you know just depending on your data that you feel quite sensitive about it you can always delete your account and then probably it will also delete all your data anyways to all the contact support issues you can easily contact support to the app from here so something around that then you can also create prior goals select the number of times you want to price this week so each week starts on sunday so you can set your weekly goal here then there is your library so yeah then there are all these like communities here where you can invite friends uh you can invite friends to this community so there are like groups and all of that uh yeah so these are the ideas how it works then there are prior groups um you can stay connected by sharing prayers and there are some existing groups but you need to join uh looking for an existing group just type in the group called below to join and then you can just join the group so that's that's the idea that's how it works so yup and then yeah of course you can download episodes you can see your recents you can see your routine and all of that so as you can see like really well-made app nice design it really feels like amazing meditation app but it also like a prior app um so yeah something around that and then we can just go here you can see it's in the top chart 63 000 ratings pretty impressed by the average rating 4.9 you can see how many like five star reviews there people are generally happy with it nice [Music] worth buying highly it so good great app amazing community needs some tweaks apple watch app voices i haven't heard enough updates about different voices uh but now i think if you just seen the review yeah you have different voices in the app so that that works so as you can see here it is best catalytic app [Music] yeah so that's a wonderful concept good app so that's just an overview so definitely give a try to this app yeah amazing app if you're a catalytic so definitely go and try it out thank you for watching

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