Handshake - let’s agree app - overview & how to use

Here's Handshake app, let's agree, so yeah, tired of endless discussion and disagreements when making day-to-day decisions, with Handshake groups can quickly and easily agree on everything from restaurants, movies and vacation destinations to various other categories. Simply swipe together and enjoy more time for the things that matter.

So yeah, then you can just tap get, install this app, swipe, agree, enjoy, choose your category among 6 existing, create a game and invite friends, swipe, match and enjoy. So pretty cool, and this is just like a pretty nice convenient app where you can just enter your name for example here and then just tap get started and then create a game, like you know, which movie you wanna watch or like, you know, you can do like your custom game, which one you wanna play and then for example, platforms, you can just select Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime, whatever genres, you can just select, okay, I just wanna watch some comedy and then just create game and then invite friends, there is a code, you can again just, you can swipe solo and then basically you swipe through the games like this and then, yeah, for example, you wanna watch this movie or this movie and then your friend also match and then you will just see matches in another place, so for example, you will see your matches and that's how you decide on a movie.

So instead of, you know, just, you know, spending 30 minutes to find a movie together, especially in a group of like, you know, like three, five, 10 people, you can just easily swipe with this app and save some time. And it's not only for movies, it's also for restaurants, recipes, some custom scenarios if you're in a party or something like that. You also have a history feature where you can track your previous agreements, and an explore feature to discover more options. Overall, it's a pretty cool app with a nice idea, so give it a try.

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