Happy Meal app - how to use?

and also here is happy meal app so to install it on iphone just tap get and then you confirm the face id or touch id and that's the app so it's 142 megabytes it has 4k ratings three eight out of five and yeah now this app added something like um toy scanner so when you buy happy meal you can scan it via the app and it's super cool feature and then you can just discover uh some games some uh ar augmented reality experience and all of that so it's a free app there are no in-app purchases and all of that so just and then you just need to select your country you can select set the app then you can give like a camera access and then give access to your photos hey so now this is the app it says app is updating find great activities [Music] that's your account and then as you can see i'm using my face and i think the the box is also moving so it's pretty cool [Music] and i can just change the view and i can just add all these experiences [Laughter] so that's nice [Music] so it's not mcdonald's app it's a separate happy meal app and then after the app updated you can just scan your happy meal and all of that so let's try to do it so it's available from ios 9 so let's try to hmm so just so this is how the scanning works so i just need to scan the happy meal box and then i'll just receive some stars and some fun activities so let's see how it works ah i'm not sure if i can get that but yeah so that's how you can scan it and then you can just get points but yeah i don't have happy meal blocks this is just like for you [Music] then this toy will be brought to life from the happy meal and it's using like augmented routes around digital masks let's see [Music] so yeah that's pretty fun so yeah that's kind of similar to like snap filters but there you have it in the mcdonald's happy meal app so that's cool some great activities very building recycled greenhouse and then just different challenges and all of that so that's the idea of that hope that was helpful uh thanks for watching like and subscribe visit my youtube channel and thank you for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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