Happy Meal box in Happy Meal app

hello so here is happy meal app recently is going viral because it has this uh toy scanning feature where you can scan smile on any happy meal box to reveal magic augmented reality experiences [Music] so let's see i will show you how exactly to scan and how to get that feature so just open the app then pro it will need something like update and then like to scan the happy meal box you just tap here then you will see here that you can just need to be safe and then you just need to scan the box you have need to have that smile and then just scan with the is the app that box [Music] [Music] and then yeah then just scan it yeah you just need to position it and scan and that's it and that's how it works but it should also work without the box so let's see how that [Music] so let's try it without [Music] [Music] so yeah now i kind of have like a augmented reality happy meal box and then yeah i can just scan it so yeah that's the idea                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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