Happy Scale - app overview

so here is this trending app called happy scale it's recently in the top charts in uh health and fitness category on the on the ios app store and a lot of people actually like it um yeah so yes you can see it's number 22 and health and fitness conquer scale anxiety smooths out fluctuations predict rates for upcoming events home screen widgets split your goal into mini goal stem the scale and all of that dieting is hard enough but when you work hard hop on the scale and see a number that's higher than yesterday well that's just not fair it's time to time the scale happy scale helps you make sense of the frustrating ups and downs of 18s by using mathematical analysis to make sense of your scale weights you understand your true trend the existing out of plateau and be able to predict what you'll wait for an upcoming event so yeah that's the app as you can see 37 000 ratings 4.9 out of 5 average rating and then yeah you can just create a new profile you wait natural jumps up and down during weight loss this arbitrary for collection are maddening uh happy scale smooths out your scale wise to predict your true weight and it just breaks uh your journey into small achieve milestone goals and that predicts basically your future weight so that's why this app is kind of loved by many people because it gives more like optimistic approach to losing weight and hopefully it helps a lot of people so here you can just add your weight so for example like this and then you can just record this in the logbook uh and then you can just tap to configure like your goal weight and then you can just yeah set your objectives at your starting point i commit to lose how many kilograms per week you can just track using all of that and basically yep that's how it might work [Music] so here are settings uh white calls you can have user profiles you can create a new profile um so yeah for some reason it says logout however i didn't even a weight but okay so you can you can name this profile so there you have it so you don't need actual to create an account you can just add these entries and that's basically should do the work so there you have it basically that's it then you also have the reports weekly monthly yearly you have log book yes settings you have white calls how to calculate you can sync back up and export change the appearance you can change the different colors and different design because i guess it can be quite important if some of these apps bring you some anxiety or stress this this can be for sure important and then yeah you can see all these cool reports so yeah that's um that's the app uh what i was doing right now this everything is available in free version if you want to supercharge a journey you can upgrade to unlock predictive charts syncing more reports and more features to help you stick to your plan you can predict your future charge forecasting understand your past synchronizer data support and in the developer and yeah so this seems this app is just developed by a solo developer and he used this app to or she to lose 38 kilograms making this app is my full-time job and app upgrades are how i provide my family and fun my team's time for ongoing development so there you have it something like this so yeah definitely give a try to this app i think it's an interesting like well-developed app especially for indie team and thank you for watching

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