Hater app Shark Tank what is it?

hey everyone so there was an app on shark tank which was called hater and the idea is really nice i think it's uh pretty smart so it connects people um on the things they hate together so for example if you hate pineapple pizza and someone else also hi hates pineapple pizza then you can both get the match through this app or something like this and then mark cuban invested in that dating app hater and uh yeah so i'm just here on their twitter profile and you can see that the pin tweet is back from 2017 and there are some tweets from 2018 um yeah from back from 2018 here um and then yeah let's just explore what happened i can just go through distractify.com um what happened to it so the idea started by a former goldman sachs employee who did his job to pursue comedy the hater app started literally as a joke i started in finance and quit to become a comedy writer and hatter was actually comedy sketch idea i had originally but when i told people about it everyone just loved the idea so much that i feel this has to be a real app so that's the founder brandon alper so to launch the app brandon took his idea to shark tank where his dieting app was supported by mark cuban who gave him 200k as a starting investment so instead branded uh ended up rising one million venture capital funding um in 2017 the dating app launched to seemingly some success being downloaded or one million times in its first year uh um so yeah but what happened despite launching tradition success uh the dating apps ryan didn't last long while the header app website is still active the app appears to have been removed from the app store and the company's twitter hasn't been active since 2018 uh users on reddit reported not been able to find many people in their era proving the app success was not meant to last long there is no official statement from the app and plenty there are many of other apps so yeah that's about it um so that's uh what happened to the app as we you can see just check those twitter accounts there is nothing from 2000 uh after 2017 r18 uh so that's that's about it um if you know any other details about the hater app because i think the the idea is still super nice so just leave these ideas below                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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