HeadAI AI HEADSHOT generator app - how to use?

Here's an interesting app called Head AI, AI Headshot Generator. So yeah, let's just install it and see how it works. So it's quite high in the charts. So yeah, AI Headshot Generator app ranked in top charts, but now they also have this AI yearbook photo generator feature which went viral and also they also have Halloween photo generator and also just AI Headshot.

Obviously, I guess this app is paid, so let's just see what are the pricings and I will suggest to you if it is expensive or not. Because I downloaded a lot of these AI Headshot apps, I did a lot of tutorials, overviews and then here, let's see, so you have Get Pro Access, 3-day free trial which is good and then there is $5 per week or monthly you can buy like basically for $20 per month, which is not kind of on the cheap, I would say it's like an average price what you would pay. I mean all of these apps I kind of want to go step in step with like the official ChatGPT app which is around like $20 per month. So yeah, something like that.

Yeah, but there is also free trial here which you can get and then there is Head AI which you can see all of the shots which you can get and then for example yearbook if you want to select this one, you just select and then you just need to upload your photo. All right, so where I can get some of the photos, I already, as you can see, I tried some of these yearbooks. Okay, let's just take a photo for the sake of this experiment. So here I can just take this just to show you how it might work and then just upload the photo and then just tap choose. And then let's see like what would be the price here or if it's even generating this photo like that. So then you can see your generated picture and then it asks me, of course, to upgrade. And that's it, which is a bit weird why it's closing up. So then it just asks me to upgrade. So anyhow, you can kind of get a preview for free, but then you need to upgrade. So yeah, that's basically what it is. If you get all of these photos just with a subscription, it's kind of a good deal because you know in other apps you have a monthly subscription and then still you need to pay an additional price for these packages. So yeah, that's what it is.

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