Headway Self-Growth challenge - app overview

hello so here is interesting app which is called head by self growth challenge so let's just go through this app and see how it works so i'll just use touch id to install this app and then uh yeah we will see like how it works that in this app you can boost your personal growth with key insights from the world's best books and productivity business negotiation health slow money investment and more only 15-minute summaries and inspiring videos to keep you motivated on the journey to your better self this app really got me reading more every night before going to bed i like the variety of books and topics so yeah you can just see i think snippets from these books keep your eyes on a price set calls audio attacks choose any way and then yeah you can just become a better you basically so that's basically the app um [Music] so let's see how that works so the idea is basically that you can read or listen to books in 15 minutes just their shortened version and to create an account i'll just use apple id because this is the the easy way to do it so there you have it and then you just need to select your gender and you select your age and then it's like what's your goals we need work have more money be productive build strong family you have seafood like all of this yeah you can just go there [Music] choose areas you'd like to elevate so or something like that for example and then you just select how much time are ready to spend on books daily five books per month uh two minutes daily that's like five books per month at the standard what they offer here what do you like to read after morning coffee [Music] so these are the options push or not to push uh so then you just select like morning learning soundtrack dive deeper then you can just allow some push notifications and then you just need to answer some questions [Music] so then you just see these questions and basically the app will select the the right books for you um and then yeah your personal development plan is ready and then you can just start the free trial uh start your 28 day personal growth challenge get a reminder about the end date of your free trial and basically all of that and then you can just uh pick a book so yep and then you can just get this read and then you can just try to have a shortened version of the book so so then you need to to basically start listening to all of these books um [Music] yep and that's that's the idea uh there are like uh the books here i actually i think are actually pretty nice and this is not like uh you know some like weird cheap books uh this is one of the most popular books here uh especially if you want to um yeah to focus on these books and but don't give like you know like one week or one month reading reading out of that so for example if i have this book i can just quickly read it so it's only 173 per week 89.99 per yep so per year right so that's actually pretty cool for example these are some best sellers um and then yeah i think this is pretty cool app actually to to have also read these books to add them in the library to have all this repetition and to have your in your profile so there you have it that's the app if you are using it also leave some comments and replies below uh hope that was enjoyable

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