Healow app overview

to install hilo app on an iphone you just need to go and search for helo and then yeah if you download it like this or yep so and then you can see that the size is 87 megabytes you have 7.5 k ratings 3.3 average writing so here you can access your personal uh like health records book a doctor a book appointment you can see all these reminders you can have doctor television connects to health and fitness trackers checking using qr code and all of that uh hello let's communicate with the doctor's office and access up-to-date medical records you will be able to access your appointments lab results vitals manage meditation and other personal data always in one app from the helo app you can manage multiple accounts and access your and your family's medicaid medical information find a doctor book your appointment fast free and easy at your convenience morning noon or late at night no more waiting on the phone with your doctor's office for an appointment so that's why it's kind of interesting how stack helps the app and yeah you see people really need this kind of app but it doesn't have that much ratings uh and average writing are still not the best ones but there you have it you can just take control of your house you can create your account just using first last name and then yeah just connect with your doctor here

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