so what is hurdle app um so it's like wordle but for music and recently started trending so how to play you just need to guess today's song by listening to its intro incorrect or skipped guesses unlock more of the zone gas correctly in as few tries as possible and share your score start so there you have it so for example here i just have this track so there you have it and then you just need to search for for the artist or sonic title and yeah i i don't i have no idea but then you just you can also just skip and then uh uh you know uh listen also to that so probably some kind of like yeah so then you can skip and i guess incorrectly and then i get even more seconds the songs here should be of the or you know very popular songs so it shouldn't be some niche sound because obviously it's not possible to guess every sound on the planet a million songs and once again respectful how much the world was the musical twist each hurdle surroundingly plucked from a list of the most stream stones in the past decade marshlaw and all the relevant copyright artists featured you can follow at hurdle app you can support support this app as well and then you can see your stats and then just share the the result so hope that is helpful

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