Hektar app - your social space - app overview & how to use

here there so here is Hector app your social space it's climbing pretty hard pretty high so in the in the App Store chart so just let's just open it up to see how it looks like I never used it before but since it's this app is one of those like real time chatting apps but maybe it's just uh popular in Arabic countries uh you can see some of these apps a specific have specific popularity in specific regions and and countries so let's just open it up and allow notifications and then instantly you can just see a variables so either you are following or for you feed so here you can just see for you feed okay so it's not kind of like English speaking app so it's mostly like uh yeah for these countries so there are a few English posts but not that many then you can just tap and there are like there is live tab uh where you can it kind of looks like tick tock and then there is like some map location and then you can see who is near bu h who is in which location uh so you can see that is how it looks like so it's kind of like combination of Instagram Tick Tock everything in one app and then yeah here you can see uh your details then you can just create an account here you can easily create an account with Google Apple Facebook your phone then there is your wallet all these features are basically available only if you sign up here so yeah that's a good idea and then in your home feed you just have your home fit which kind of looks similar to Instagram uh so yeah that's basically what you can expect from this app it's not like a real time uh audio chat video calls on this app no it's not like that but yes I said probably just like a combination of Instagram Tick Tock everything but probably it's mostly for Arabic countries um so yeah if you if you don't speak and can read that language it's not for you yet but uh that's

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