HER app - how to create an account?

so here is a dating app called her it's lesbian queer and b dating app so you can just install it on your phone um [Music] so if you feel that's the right dating app for you and this is the top app in this category uh and then you can join 10 million plus users and like you know for some people uh or like in in many occasions tinder is not enough because it's uh uh yeah it's very general it's uh like for everyone uh this app is much more precise depending on what you're looking for so here is the app and then you can just try to create an account or we can just show you in this demo how it might look like so then you have all these options to create an account and then you can just you know sign in try to [Music] just enter some of your details add your profile picture then you just need to [Music] add that and then you can just take photo just like as a okay just like as an example anyways not the best photo but there you have it so now you can just continue uh you can just then uh check your pronouns and then complete profile later i'm just showing you the questions here uh you can also see the relation status and then you can see what you're looking for you can add your height okay so something doesn't work but anyways uh that that can be the process here how you can starting to create an app an account here i don't know what was the issue probably i'll just try to do another overview

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