Here Comes The Bus app - overview

okay so here is the app which is called here comes the bus to install it just tap on get confirm with the face id or touch id and yeah this is the app which helps you to track all the like students assignments and maybe not now actually i don't think that it's just um yeah just basically it gives real-time location of your child's bus and alarms find the bus is near sorry yeah so there are there are some other apps from this developer which is just like tracking of how your kid performs in school and stuff but here you can just see the real-time location of a child's bus which is super neat idea uh which here comes the bus your children will get to the bus stop not a minute early or a minute too late you'll not only know what they got of the bus at the right stop so that's the app you can create an account here and then you need your school district code [Music] so you can always contact our support you can search here so here are the contact support options yeah you will need some details from from your school so probably if other parents are using this app in your school district you will just need to ask them like how to have to use it and stuff so yeah that's the idea hope yeah if you're using this up just please leave some comments below it's interesting to know if it's if it's helpful or not and all of that                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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