HERE - Talk, Text, Watch - app overview

here is the app which is called here talk text watch it's enter the top charts in the ass app store be together in personal spaces interactive features that make video chat and buy more fun invite your friends and explore hundreds of different rooms start from scratch and customize your own room for any occasion all of that so yeah here is how the app looks like i just created my account with apple id and yep so here is my room where i can uh yeah it's kind of similar to clubhouse or i don't know even like facebook messenger where you just have your room but it's much more advanced here in this app yeah so i can just invite people mute flip camera have speakers and so yeah it looks like standard you know messenger room or something like that so yeah but let's just enter the room join the room and here how it looks like so as you can see first you can just uh yeah you can just message someone and it's a chat uh you need to give access to your microphone and then you can just zoom in zoom out and then you can just drag things around yes there are some like just standard settings yep so something like this so you can just move stuff around and then you can see all these stickers uh and then you see all this functionality so you can share screen uh you can draw stuff so for example i'm just drawing something so i i didn't see that in in other apps uh or at least in this app it kind of just looks funky and like stylish so it's like just enjoyable to do with your friends so for example if you're watching some like netflix movie together you can do it on this app and then just draw some things play some games uh invite other people share gifts uh and just hang out in this room uh that's that's the app so that's uh so that's basically that's basically that the future about this is your friends and that's what makes it a bit different maybe you remember there was house party app the results arrived app so a bunch of apps which kind of do the same thing with these rooms but definitely give a try to this app it feels really nice

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