okay so here is interesting app vienna meet new friends for women by women it's like a dating app it's alternative for tinder it says in this app that is like tinder but for girlfriends but in fact just for fun i tried to create an account to showcase you the app and yeah you can also create an account as a man um yeah so that's what you can do uh vienna is designed to get you offline and meeting new friends in real life it's basically the only way to meet people so why not give a try your favorite for women's friendship swipe to meet your friends join the community stack take quizzes live chat um so that's basically the app it has quite a few ratings and it's in top charts especially in some european countries in uk so let's just explore so in another video i just created an account it's super easy you can sign up with your like apple id or facebook you just need to add like three photos and answer some questions then you need to swipe uh but it depends like um [Music] it depends in which area you are for example i'm in denmark and there were like you know five profiles or something like that so if i want to change my country then i need to upgrade here upgrade options you can get three months for 29.99 or one week for 5.99 so become a vip to see who swipes right a new instant match change location and do swipes okay let's save the distance range maybe there are some more people okay so for example this is how the app looks like so you can [Music] skip oh hey so if you swipe left it means you skip this profile if you swipe right it means you want to say hey but that's it as you see in denmark this app is not that popular you can also start the chat i don't know what [Music] you can join just like party random chat then there is inbox and there are your venus then there are haze then there is calendar then there is your profile you can share your profile you can refer your link invite people and then you can just get a free vip months for yourself but yeah again this app is not only for human however it was developed with this idea that's like a women for women app but right now when you create an account it's also possible to create it as a guy so and then here you can set up all the all the filters questions settings uh you can delete your account and yeah so and then this is like a new feature where you can create some new plants and meet up together discover new plants um you can add a new plan and all of that so that's what you can do with this app it's kind of like a different version of tinder you know if you like feel like oh i'm really so bored with tinder or you after a few experience you can feel a bit like toxic about this app like you know there are like different tinder periods you want to try out some different dating app and this can be the one especially in uk uh i think it's quite popular in uk but yeah there you have it maybe there are less profiles here compared to tinder but at least you can try it out

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