Hey! VINA - meet new friends - how to create account & app overview

here is interesting app which is called hey vina meet new friends and let's just install it and this app is getting more and more popularity in some countries it says it's tinder for girlfriends so uh for women by women vienna is designed to get you offline and meeting your friends in real life it's basically the only way to meet people anymore so why not to give it a try your favorite app for women's friendships swipe to meet new friends join communities take visits live chat and go to events to live your best life um yeah so that's basically the app and let's just open it up uh then it wants to show send you notifications it's a networking app for women swipe right on the venus you want to meet swipe left to skip swipes are anonymous until you match when use boss wipe hey you get a detour and all of that so that's that's basically the idea and then you can just sign up signing up is easy there are two options facebook or apple so yeah you i usually just use apple id and sign up quite easily so then you need to enter your name [Music] um so these are basically uh then you can just join some communities and then you you need to add a screenshot uh so okay photo of your face is required but i don't know if it will work because i'm just showing you a demo of this app and obviously uh uh not sure if i will be accepted in this app but this is uh so yeah you need to verify the picture that it should match like this photo and it should match so but so let's i just took that picture and then you can just use that so now you are verified uh so then you still need to enter your email but again this is app only for women and uh this is just our demo for you to take a look in case you have some difficulties to figure out or you are don't know uh so then you can select wire here and then actually yeah uh then um you can add so but also i think exo seems like you can uh you can also add like a man profile here as well so i think they just extended their communities and all of that so here you can just uh go to different profiles you can tap to hey more and then so no more winners to meet right now you can edit your filters you can set up uh you can select a different location but if you want to select a different location that's of course that's costs money but anyhow hope this was helpful for you to to discover this app

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