Hidden Pinhole Camera Detector app overview

so here is interesting app it's just in top charts right now it's called hidden pinhole camera detector so let's just try to install it and see how it works so i don't know is this app like super legitimal or like if you should take it seriously or it's just more like a you know try out like more like a friend gap so i don't advise like you know just do your research overall before using this app but the idea is quite smart that this is like the this app helps you to detect pinhole cameras um one click detection to ensure your privacy you can also investigate your network security you can detect some devices on your like network and maybe there is like you know some uh some hidden camera some hidden device so that's that what it says that penhold camera detector is a good helper for you to stay in peace outside in depth investigation of private network sneak shot devices and bluetooth sneak shot devices um so there you have it so now let's just open it up um so then you need to give access to bluetooth or something and then let's just okay so now it asks me to subscribe to camera detector pro so it's 29.99 per year free trial for three days so then i just need to subscribe for three days free but can i just you know anyway so that's how it works basically i'm showing you around so yeah you need to you need to subscribe and upgrade and if it's important for you that's not a big price like 20.99 per year uh so yep there you have it uh that's the app uh yep so currently there are like four tabs intelligent wi-fi bluetooth and guidebook so intelligent uh yeah it will just detect all the yeah uh try to find if there are any cameras connected on this wi-fi maybe then also analyze some other equipment on your wi-fi check your bluetooth and also go through height guidebook so that's basically the idea of the app hope it is helpful

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