Hide My Email feature on iOS 15 full overview

hey everyone so there is a new feature on ios 15 in icloud which is called hide my email so when you subscribe to icloud plus so it means if you're getting at least like 50 gigabyte storage you know what you can do is just like hide my email where basically you can generate like random personal email addresses uh like unique random addresses basically aliases that forward your personal inbox and can be deleted at any time so yeah so for example like this use a different address and then just like this and then you can do this you can add a note to help you remember how you use this email address and i just have this address like this and then i can just use it anywhere and then i can just forward it to my main email so that that can be really helpful like for example if i want to sign up on some random website instead of using my my email i can just use this and then just delete it so yeah that's basically how it works hope it is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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