HiPal app - can you only create account with Apple id?

here's how I'm going through some of the reviews of hypo app is going through the top charts right now and the idea of this app is like a walkie-talkie app in the private and group chats uh so yeah it just brings this nostalgic walkie-talkie uh to to your phone but the thing is you can only create an account with Apple ID and when you try to do that um a lot of people says that it says I can't use my Apple ID it would be cool if they added Gmail Facebook and other things you sign in but I would use from the looks of it the sign up process is pretty limited because the only way you can sign up or login is through Apple ID and the security system to keep it safe or very limited um so your Apple ID keeps sign signing not completed and that's yeah so that's keeps happening for plenty of users here and a lot of people yeah just can't sign in actually and can't sign up um keeps loading and what they say here the in the from the developer team thank you for reaching out to the high pal customer support team the high power servers were stressed due to increasing user base the issue has been resolved please restart your app and try again so to restart your app just swipe app swipe up your app double tap on home button and swipe or like your like you know home screen and swipe up your app and that's how you restart it you can also restart your phone to be sure and then start again and probably that might resolve the issue because yeah when the app goes super high on the top charts there are probably hundreds of thousands of users trying to sign in and servers are just filing so there you have it [Music] um hope that is helpful

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