HiPal app - doesn’t work, bugs & glitches

so here is hypo app and it's amazing walkie-talkie app but a lot of people are complaining that you can only sign in sign up with Apple ID and this isn't good um and like people first like Italy means all other options if of course if you are using iPhone you should have Apple ID but some people just I don't know don't try to share it or use it and there is no option to use with Google or Facebook or email or phone number so you can't create account like that second there are a lot of bugs and glitches as you can see here every time I try it push continues Apple ID just lots and lots and now it will work anyone have recommendations pipel servers were stressed so this is a developer response that hyper servers were strategies increasing user base the issue has been resolved to restart your app and try again I don't like how you can't log in with other companies like Google uh so that's what it is and what they say here we currently utilize Google account login on Android and Apple ID on iOS this is the best way to verify age and protect child accounts so that's why they're doing it because it's not it's a bit harder from the developer point to verify the age exactly on the on iOS and what they say here this process allows us to combat both accounts efficiently as well we hope you understand so that's basically what their position here um that's just the inside

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