Hive Social - app overview - what all the hype is about?

In recent weeks, Hive Social app raise to the top charts in US App Store.

What the hype is about Hive Social app?

Hive Social app looks like Instagram from ca. 2014. Simple, minimalistic design, no ads, easy navigation. People are going from Instagram and Facebook apps for numerous of reasons:

  • Privacy issues
  • Too many ads
  • Bad user experience
  • Anti-Facebook sentiment

So, users are looking for some other app, which looks and feels like “good old Instagram”.

In fact Hive app experienced surge of users – and therefore it was not working properly – they needed to build a better infrastructure.

Hive Social app overview

If you install Hive app, it looks very familiar to old Instagram. There is home feed with posts and images from other users. You can post a picture, gif, text. Comment, like or repost other users content. Follow or block other users.

In a search tab, you can see featured or trending images and then follow users.

In a true old-school mode, you can add your favorite music tracks to your profile.

Also, so far, no ads.

How to delete Hive account?

In case you are not happy with the app, here is how to delete Hive account.

How to contact Hive support?

You should write an email to support @


How to install Hive on iPhone?

How to message someone in Hive app?

How to add profile picture in Hive app?

How to add or change username in Hive app?

How to create a private profile in Hive?


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