Holdsport app overview

what is whole sport app so this is the app where you can manage your sport activities for example i'm going to volleyball club and here in this app which is can only be accessed also can be accessed through the web browser uh you can uh see uh like all the activities for for my like for example volleyball club or for my um yeah like basketball or like football any sports activity it's just app specifically designed to organize your like sport club activities in specific club so instead of like you know creating it in a facebook group where of course facebook groups can be nice but you know in this app you just have specific features like your schedule of your activities then some messages from the court the specific details you can also receive some sms tags some emails there are of course some ads um some related ads to uh to yeah to your activities but that's that you can see a calendar you can see chats you can see members of some community stats forum galleries links news announcements all of that i'm yeah it's here it's just in danish so that's that but yeah you can see all the help your installs settings so something like that um so some turnout that i don't know if this app is available worldwide probably it is here it just has a danish domain but that's just an overview of how it can work and it's actually quite handy i think it's a nice niche idea for the app just to be focused around specific sports activities and it's it's still i think it's better than facebook group maybe for if you know you're just going to some beginner club or some beginner activity facebook group is completely enough but if you need more features and if your coach needs to organize everything and all of that like whole sport seems to be a better way just bringing your attention to this app if you're running a club or you're some like sports organization here's how it looks like it's easy to use and there you have it

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