HomeWAV app preview

so here's the app which is called home vav so it's it's growing in charts in the us app store category um so that's basically the the mobile app for the people in jail i think uh which helps to to get in touch uh if there are some relatives or like some situations like that so yep and this category of apps is uh is a significant niche in the app store um i think there is another uh app which is called getting out and it's all about like you know speaking with your relatives or the ease of this app and it's not just video calls it also you have uh pending connections available fonts and more and then you can just manage all of that and this app has more than 6000 ratings 3.8 average rating so yep and then you can just create an account and then you just need to add id and image so you just need to add a photo of yourself and the photo of government issues photo id so something like that and then yep then you will be able to proceed with creating an account i think this app is is only us-based so i guess the government document should be also us based it should be something like passport maybe or some card or permanent residency cards or something like that um so yep and then you will be able to make video calls to manage funds to get in touch with people there hope that is helpful

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